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We are sorry that, because of other commitments, we are not able to offer Bandwagon performances in schools in 2015.

Bandwagon educational music performances tour schools nationwide. They are devised by Katharine & Peter Watts, experienced teachers and nationally-known musicians. Their lively, colourful, one-hour presentations, with an irresistible combination of music and pantomime, surprise and humour, are consistently acclaimed as the best.

Bandwagon is tailored to school syllabuses, appropriate to primary school age range, with specific junior and senior focus, and demonstrates concepts in a memorable, highly interactive format.

This year Bandwagon offers four different performances:
  • Music focus
    • Bandwagon I - the original vibrant, educational, fun, interactive introduction to the elements of music. Skilled musicians show how music works and give children opportunities to create music on a wide range of instruments, many of which children can construct in the classroom.
    • Bandwagon II - Music is everywhere in countless different forms and styles. Children visit a crazy music shop where orders are constantly mixed up. They discover that different music suits different situations.
  • Science focus
    • The Sound of Science - hands-on exploration of the nature of sound. Children have fun in this lively, fast-paced show while they discover basic science concepts about sound. These are demonstrated with a huge range of musical sounds with ample opportunity for pupil participation.
  • Environment focus
    • A World of our Own - environmental & sustainability issues are made memorable through story, humour and music. The performance highlights specific environmental issues such as recycling, clean water, pollution and endangered species. There are numerous songs to enjoy.
Cost: $3 per child
Each of these programmes is closely related to the relevant curriculum documents.

What Schools Have said About Us
  • "An exciting and enlightening musical experience."
  • "All the staff sang your praises and the children enjoyed every minute."
  • "As teachers we learnt so much about how to present music in our classrooms and gained a more thorough understanding of the music curriculum. "
  • "We were impressed with the amount of participation. "
  • "They were all entranced."
  • "Children not only enjoyed but also learned about music, effortlessly, unconsciously and in a most interesting way."
  • "They kept singing all day."
  • "I liked the Bandwagon because people got to go up and have a go." (student)

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