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Voice Health Tips

  • You are a vocal athlete. You need to exercise!
  • Learn good posture. You speak and sing with your whole body.
  • Reduce any habitual postural or physical tensions.
  • Align yourself with an imaginary plumbline through the body – crown of head, shoulders, crest of hips, knee joints, arch of feet.
  • Keep energy levels right – neither depleted nor over-pressured.
  • Avoid tiredness. Get sleep! It is the best friend of the voice.
  • Pace your practice and avoid using voice when stressed by sickness/fatigue.
  • Keep fit by taking aerobic exercise.
  • Keep neck, shoulder and upper chest muscles free, not tensed.
  • Release your jaw from the hinge, keeping space between upper and lower molars.
  • Exercise the tongue to keep it flexible and precise.
  • Take time to breathe. Do not starve yourself of breath.
  • Power your breath and voice with the strong torso muscles.
  • Learn to release the abdominal muscles for a really deep in-breath.
  • Learn about good breath flow and avoid breath-holding.
  • Aim for a clean, clear, carrying sound, neither breathy nor pressured.
  • Learn how to free the larynx and avoid constriction.
  • Avoid coughing and throat-clearing. Sip and swallow instead.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keep humidity high enough in surroundings.
  • Eat a balanced diet, avoiding too many dairy foods.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine and anti-histamines if possible: they dehydrate.
  • Explore your full vocal range and don’t get stuck in a range too high or low.
  • Avoid talking on a monotone pitch.
  • Minimise talking in noisy environments like buses, planes, parties.
  • Keep away from chemical fumes including household cleaning agents.
  • Don’t smoke, or use harmful drugs.
  • Don’t drink alcohol excessively.